Yoga for Middle Aged People: A Cure Panel Discussion with Dr. Larry Payne of Samata International

Just heard an Internet talk, organized by the Cure Panel talk show, on Yoga for the Middle Aged people with Dr. Larry Page and 4 other yoga teachers, Marcela Clavijo, Micheline, Dashama and Char Grossman. The panel discussed the importance of yoga for the middle aged (45-75 age group) who are often not sure if they can do yoga at this age.

Some of the key points touched upon were
1. Yoga is for all age groups including the middle aged (Dr. Payne says 47-77 yr old is the target age group that fits under this) and even for people with conditions such as
2. The important thing is to personalize the practice to the individual and not have middle aged people do some of the demanding poses if their body it not up for it.
3. The key is not to push people and not to lead them to think about the practice as just achieving the form. But to focus on the function and their purpose.
4. As panelist, Marcela explained, “It seems to me that with the yoga we have something very wonderful and unique to offer people in the prime of their life as they live longer and healthier lives. We could do great benefit by helping them to also cultivate the mental and emotional well-being to face illness, aging, and death.”
4. One of the panelists brought up an important point that as a cancer care giver she often has to deal with the “fight the condition” approach that is advocated to people. There is little discussion on how to accept the situation (acceptance not meaning resignation) and to come up with creative, compassionate ways to deal with the situation.

Many more important insights can be heard in the 1 hr long show recording.

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