Sufi-based ‘Hu Yoga’ at the Nurr Al Jerrahi Dergah at 245 West Broadway, Tribeca, New York

This is super exciting. I have been visiting a Sufi Dergah and Mosque at 245 West Broadway for Friday Jummah prayers for almost a year now and today I met someone who is going to start Hu Yoga – combining Yoga with Sufi practices. This is personally exciting because it is great to see Yoga being practiced in the Muslim community. Last year i used to organize a Yoga class after the Friday Jummah prayers at Columbia University Medical Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital and have been hoping to start yoga practice at the Dergah as well. Now its going to happen. Brother Ali, who i met today is going to teach “Hu Yoga” starting tomorrow at 3-4.30 pm (sat Aug 24th).

Hu Yoga - Experience Yoga with the Heart of a Sufi

Hu is a sacred word for Allah or God or the Divine and usually it is used as a Chanting “mantra” in the Sufi Islamic tradition and the practice. So  i guess Hu  Yoga will entail Yoga with chanting and some Dikhr (Sufi ritual of Remembrance). I cant wait to go there tomorrow and also work with Brother Ali to help bring Hu Yoga to more people. As he says “come Experience yoga with the Heart of a Sufi”  . Aug 24th. 3 pm at 245 West Broadway. This is exciting for us at Yoga Anywhere as this is a personal mission for us to support Yoga and Mediation practices with Sufi/Islamic spiritual practices. Stay tuned as we work on organizing Sufi Yoga retreats as well.

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