Yoga@Tech at Projective Space Soho- Going Strong for 8 Straight Weeks Now

Relaxing into Savaasana at the Projective Space Yoga@Tech Startup

When we first kicked off with the plan of doing yoga for the tech folks at Projective Space on, guess what, Feb 14th (yes we did the first practice session on valentines day) i wasn’t even sure if people will come. But as they say, one just has to show up and do. I have been doing weekly Yoga Practice sessions on tuesday evening for the folks and every week we have had some one come for practice. And today April 3, marked the completion of 8 weeks of yoga at Projective Space and two folks came for class!

Really exciting! We have been doing 45-50 min classes – doing simple, basic poses under the Iyengar Style of yoga. Poses to relax your wrists, shoulders, lower back – all of which are heavily stressed because we sit on our computers all day long, after all as tech entrepreneurs have to do.

The extra space created from the stretch will make you feel expansive! So come for practice!

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