YogaShots: Lemon Ginger Shots after Level 3 Iyengar Yoga Class !!

Hanging out for YogaShots - quick jaunt to Terri a Juice bar to get Lemon Ginger Cleansing Shot after Yoga Class at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Chelsea

This wednesday we decided to have some fun! That is after our weekly wednesday evening Iyengar Yoga Class with Marcela at the Iyengar Yoga Institute. A group of us have been taking this class fairly regularly for a few months and it is always so that people just dont get a chance to say hellos or chit chat – you come into class and then leave right after.

So this wednesday we thought it would be nice to try out a sort of ‘in the moment Yoga for Foodies like outing’ (we started Yoga for foodies exactly for this reason – to give people a chance to to do yoga and then interact with each other over some delicious food from a local restaurant ) . So after class we walked over to Terris (on the corner of 23rd and 6th avenue going towards 5th avenue) to get super duper powerful “Lemon Ginger Shots” – yes they are super potent. I had actually tried it last wednesday when we spotted out the place ¬†with Sheril (check her doing Utkat Asana).

Terris is a natuarl juice bar with some really potent juices. They have a Lemon Ginger shoot – concentrated ginger extract and with lemon juice topped with a little bit of Cayenne Pepper to give it an extra edginess. And it is good. You gulp it down and it hits you right away. You feel warm and suddenly jolted in a good way.

Thanks ladies for taking the time out after class to join us for a quick stop over. It was fun and even though it was just 20 mins it gave every one a chance to talk to each other and know a bit more about people who we regularly practice yoga with and have been doing so for months.

We will be calling such in the moment hang outs – ‘Yoga Shots’ – quick, casual and fun. Next wednesday lets see where my yoga class buddies want to hit!



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