The High of Yoga – In Headstand Pose Outside Duane Reade on Grand and Broadway

Doing a Headstand - Duane reade - donald trump

In the Moment - Doing a Headstand on the sidewalk at the Intersection of Grand Street and Broadway. Donald Trump looks on....

This was a blast. My friend and yoga buddy Jonathon had stopped by for practice in the evening and then stayed over to do some work and chat up. Around 11.30 he asked to me step down to say hello to a buddy of his who was visiting the city. What was supposed to be a 5 min, “hello” became an blast.

We got down to meet his friend at the corner of Grand Street and Broadway and in the exuberance of buddies meeting and getting excited, Jonathon decided to do a headstand. He had been meaning to strike a pose our blog, and it so happened, that today was the moment. And lo and behold he was up there – feet pulling up to pierce the sky with the head firmly rooted on the ground – striking a beautiful headstand right on the sidewalk at the intersection of Grand Street and Broadway in front of Duane Reade. Ha ha – and what a coincidence that he happens to be doing a headstand ad Donald Trump looks down in his familiar (A**hole scowl) on the poster of the Apprentice. Take that Trump, not only cant he walk the talk, he can walk the talk on his head.

Needless to say, we had to go celebrate the moment and be in the moment – the gang walked down to buy him a shot at the Lucky Strike

YogaAnywhere, any moment, with any one, at any intersection, at any hour, at any time of day – that is us here (check out another hilarious headstand pic)

Please send us your “in-the-moment” headstand or other yoga pose pics!

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