Know 5 Things That Make My Mornings Special

Starting Your Day Early and With Yoga Practice Can Really Change Your Life

A good morning wish brings a smile on each and every face. Mornings are associated with a beautiful sunrise, chirping of birds and melodious songs playing in temples. But, do we really experience the beauty of mornings in our extremely busy day to day lives???

This question mark existed in my life too until one night I thought that the coming morning or rather mornings would make a difference in my life. I made it a point that night itself that the next day would not be a day where I would get up at the sound of my alarm clock and run into the kitchen to make tea for my hubby. It would not be a day where I would be collecting milk packets and singing to my daughter simultaneously. It would not be a day where I would be talking to my mom on phone and typing an important mail at the same time.

Tomorrow would be different. And yes, I made the difference and it’s been a complete month today that I am experiencing this beautiful and delightful difference.

And the key to this is YOGA.

I did not join any yoga studio, rather I started myself by watching some videos on the internet. I soon mastered sun salutation, pranayama and basic asanas. Within a few days, I felt lighter, glowing and so full of energy that when I got up in the mornings I could feel a spring in my steps.

These are the 5 things that make my mornings special now:

1) Getting up early – I make it a point to sleep on time at night, so that the next morning I can get up early and watch the rising sun. The sky looks just magnificent at this time and the birds come out of their dwellings. The peace, the serenity and the beauty really feels wonderful with sips of green tea in the morning. Try it, you would love it too!

2) Yoga and workouts – The workouts play an important part in my life now. They are the ones that have made my body toned, fit and put a glow on my face…, I just love working out. Usually I start with 10 counts and slowly increase to 30. Whenever I get some free time free, I search the net for more interesting workouts.

3) What’s happening around – Here I am talking about the news. Until a few days back, I was so busy with my own schedules that I often missed reading the newspaper. But now, I do it religiously….Be it a political issue, a new invention or something related to sport, I try to keep myself updated on all the news And this really helps at the workplace too.

4) Self-Pampering – Getting up early, gives me quite a lot of time to take care of myself. Be it painting the nails, or having a relaxing hair massage or trying out a pedicure; I now afford to do it all in the morning. Also, my wardrobe stays very much organized now and I don’t have trouble finding the right clothes.

5) A day full of energy – Last but not the least, all the above steps keep me vibrant and cheerful throughout the day. A healthy start definitely makes it easier to carry out all the tasks with planning and in an efficient way. I do not forget things, I stay calm and above all, I wait for the next morning .

Are your mornings also special to you? Or, are you still struggling with your morning routine?  Whatever, it is, do share your thoughts….

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About Hema Dhawan

Hema Dhawan is a writer, a new mother and a yoga practitioner. She lives in Bangalore


  • markJ


    Excellllllent post! I have been trying to start my mornings well for quite some time now. Most of us are missing this most important element in kick starting a great day - a "NON rushed" start in the morning. I read this book called "the Monk who sold his ferrari" and the author says getting up early in the morning and not having to rush to work or do something is the first step in leading a stress free and bliss full existence. He recommends starting up waking up 30 mins before you usually do - take 10-15 mins to do nothing and just reflect on the past day and then 10-15 mins to reflect on what you plan to do that day. As you start waking up earlier, he says one of the things to do is "self-indulgence" - not necessarily into a material thing but into something creative - like listening to music or playing an instrument - whatever pleases the heart. This is a great article. Would like to learn more. By the way what videos did you watch to learn yoga - can you provide a collection and listing here

  • hema


    Thanks Mark. Yes, the key to feel good the entire day starts from getting up early. Also, thanks for sharing the excerpt from the book. Shall keep you posted on the videos and asanas.

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