Friday the 13th! Yoga for Foodies Celebration in Brooklyn and Chelsea

Wait, i will be back after, 'Yoga for Foodies!'

Yes folks – Friday the 13th is here and unless you are planning to shut yourself in a closet or go for a re-run of the 13th sequel of the series, come join us on Friday, April 13th

Delicioso Robertas Pizza after Muchos Yoga @ Makara Studio Yoga for Foodies

Delicious Indian food after a great Yoga Class. Yoga for Foodies

We will be having another weekly Friday evening Yoga for Foodies. And it will be held at both Makara Studio in Brooklyn (with whose support we launched this awesome event in feb 2012 – and who were featured on YogaCity yesterday and in the Brooklyn L magazine last month) and Swanand Yoga Studio in Chelsea. So here are the details

Makara Studio Yoga for Foodies
1. Basic Yoga Class starting at 7pm Focused On Digestive Poses followed by PIzza.
2. Food after class. We tried Robertas a few weeks back, let’s see what Forecella has to offer up.
The studio co-founder and instructor, Ms. Harpole, will Make Salad and YogaAnywhere amateur home chefs will try their hands at making dessert!
3. Costs and Directions
$20 for class and food.
$13 for just class. 
$10 for just food.

The Studio is at 164 Montrose Ave – take the L train to Montrose Av stop and walk towards Graham Ave

Swanand Studio Yoga for Foodies
1. Our partner studio in Chelsea, Swananda Yoga, will be having a Hatha Yoga class at 7pm. the class combines some basic poses with sun salutations and then ends with Pranayama and some meditation. You will be hungry by the end of it
2. Local indian food will be served to whet those juiced up appetites
3. Costs and Directions
$25 for class and food.
$15 for just class. 
$10 for just food.

Swanand Yoga Studio is at 171 West 29th street (3rd floor). Take the 1 train to 33rd street or the B,D,F,M to Herald Square.

So folks, lets have a celebration this Friday the 13th !

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