Celebrate Good Friday (April 6) with Yoga and Great Food at Swanand Yoga Studio in Chelsea

Getting ready for a Hatha Yoga Class with Netri for Yoga for foodies at Swanand Yoga Studio

Enjoying delicious Pizza from Waldys - Yoga for Foodies at Swanand Yoga Studio

Come join us this Good Friday for a Special Yoga for Foodies at Swanand Yoga Studio. We will celebrate Good Friday with a class of Hatha Yoga and some delicious food from a local chelsea restaurant.

Yoga for foodies is a great way for you to unwind on a friday evening, experiencing the high of “letting go” through your yoga practice and then enjoying great conversations with other like-minded people over some delicious food (check out our pics from the past events at both Swanand Yoga and Makara Studio )

So the plan for the evening is

1. Get to Swanand Studio – class starts at 7 pm. Swanand Studio is at 171 West 29th street. Take the 2 Train
2. We will then have dinner – food from a local chelsea restaurant – last time we had pizza from Waldys. And before that from Minar, an Indian place. Perhaps tomorrow it will be chinese food.

The cost for yoga+food is $25 (but you can join us just for food if you like at 8.30 – only $10).

So come and bring your friends and family. Yoga for foodies is a great way to unwind after your work week and get ready for a great weekend !

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