Started Yoga After the Muslim Friday Jummah Prayers at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Medical Center

The first Yoga class after Friday Jummah Prayers at New York Presbyterian Hospital

I am really excited that today was the first day of bringing Yoga to our muslim brothers and sisters. Yes, with due permission and support and enthusiasm from the Imam of the Jummah (friday) congregation prayer at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, we kicked off the first Yoga@Jummah Prayer. Being both a muslim and a yoga practitioner, have really felt that the community has largely missed the benefits that a Yoga practice can bring both physically, mentally and spiritually.

And once we got our Yoga@work practice underway, it was just natural logical extension to get a weekly practice going for the muslim community – and what better than doing it right after the Jummah prayers when about 40-50 people come.

In our very first class 8 people stopped by and they really enjoyed an introduction to basic poses taught in the Iyengar style. We used the blankets for prayers for the seated positions!

I m personally very thrilled – i think there is a misconception about yoga in the community which has largely associated it with a religious system (which no doubt is valid as Yoga stems from vedic and hindu roots) but in itself it doesnt barr one to practice the postures/asanas for their intrinsic value

We will be doing weekl post Jummah prayer Yoga classes – come all and bring others. Will shortly start Post Jummah classes at the main columbia campus

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