Iyengar Yoga Teacher Marcela Clavijo at our Yoga@Work at Columbia University! What an honor!

Getting ready for Marcela Clavijo's Iyengar Yoga class in the blue room of our office space at CUMC

Getting into Triangle Pose under instructions from Marcela

Today was a special day at our Yoga@Work practice in our Department (Biomedical Informatics) at Columbia University Medical Center. As i have written before, we have been practicing daily since Jan 16th from 12.45 to approximately 1.30pm on weekdays. And its been truly exciting and motivating to see that the practice has continued with more about 15 different people having come practice in the last 9-10 weeks.

So today i had invited my Yoga Teacher, Marcel Clavijo with whom i take weekly Level 3 classes at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Chelsea come instruct us today. The plan is to invite one teacher every 3-4 weeks (we had invited Kimberly who is under teacher training to instruct us – read her series of quotes for yogis)

Marcela getting into demonstrate the downward dog as part of the warmup sun salutations

It was simply awesome to have such an experienced teacher come instruct us. We did a series of sun salutations and some basis standing poses and twists. The room was packed (total 10 folks along with Marcela) and the space was just full of vibrant energy

Starting the class with a series of Spinal twists - Jatara Parivtra Asana

Thanks all for coming and continuing to progress on this path of self discovery and joy. If you want to take more classes with Marcela, you can visit the Iyengar Center where she teaches classes for beginners and advanced students.

As Marcela said, “We are all students. I am just here to instruct. Just show up and the rest will happen” So keep coming for practice between 12.45 to 1.30 pm every weekday

A Thank you Note for Marcela

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    So great! I'm so excited she taught you all, what a great lunch hour!!!

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