Pics from Art of Living’s Yoga Rave at Pacha Nightclub, New York

Yea. Rocking the Yoga Rave at Pacha. And thats not substance induced hallucinations!

Yogis packing the dance floor at Pacha Nightclub bringing the rave alive

We had a a great time at the first ‘Yoga Rave’ party organized by the Art of Living Foundation on March 29th, 2012 at Pacha nightclub in the city. Thanks to the event coordinator, Nandor, YogaAnywhere was extended a courtesy press pass.

Thank You Nandor, for having invited us to the Yoga Rave

The event was surely a sell-out – i think there were around 500-600 people, all packing up the dance floor at this large nightclub. It was exciting to see the traditional bar serving ‘non-alcoholic’ beverages like “lemon ginger” (see image below – it sure packed a punch). The highlight of the evening was the kickoff which started with a collective chant of OM and then 15-20 mins of meditation. What was really interesting about the meditation was that they asked people to do it in contact with each other. That is pair up with some one and sit in the mediation pose with your back supported by your partners. By doing this, their body was able to give you deep sensational feedback as you breath in and out and observe yourself during the meditation.

Collective Oming to bring the Yoga Rave

Dancing to Hare Rama, Hare krishna on a techno beat

And yes there were flourescent hoops on display and some beautiful tattoos, adorning peoples bodies.

How is that, folks?

Now that is a rave party

As it was a substance free night, the bar served different organic and healthy drinks. I really got a nice jolt having the potent Lemon ginger drink – almost felt my immune system getting a jolt with that one. And among the exhibitors, the highlight of the evening was the organic and healthy Brads Kale chips – really delicious.

Organic and Healthy Drinks at the Bar

No Tequila shots but lemon ginger drinks. Still potent and very good for your immune system

All in all a really unique and good experience – chanting, meditation, some music and some organic drinks and food. And really exciting to see how events like this combine existing cultural aspects/venues (going to a club) but redefining the experience by bringing Yoga to it. The rave, is becoming a “Wave”, as it now hits six other US cities including Philadelphia, Columbus, Houston, and more. And

Brads Kale chips were simply awesome! Organic food at the Yoga Rave

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  • ksheridan


    Whoa so fun! Sorry I missed this one!!!!

    • admin


      it was a good experience - happy to see Yoga make in roads into mainstream experiences through such initiatives

  • Ptreacy


    Mmn lemon ginger shots, it's a brave new world this yoga rave - any more planned ?

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