Excited to Have Kimberly Sheridan, YogaAnywhere Fellow teach us at Yoga@Work

Yoga@Work Special Class with Kimberly Sheridan at DBMI, Columbia University

After almost 5-6 weeks of conducting daily 40-45 mins yoga practice sessions at my Work place at Columbia University Medical Center, we were fortunate to have Kimberly Sheridan (who is currently in teacher training – read her Diary of a Yoga Teacher, Series of Quotes for Yogis and also the First fellow! ) come and lead us in our practice.

Being led in our Yoga Practice by Kimberly.

We had 10 people filling up the entire conference room. Thanks all for coming and thanks to Kim for coming to lead us on this path of greater self-discovery.

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  • ksheridan


    Just saw this! What a great group, how lucky am I! :)

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