Diary of a Yoga Teacher Trainee #3: Meditation

In the previous two blog entries (here and here) , I’ve provided some tips and information I’ve found very helpful, and I hope is helpful for you as well! In this entry, I wanted to share some personal experience and journaling I did after meditating in Puerto Rico. I know meditating can be a daunting undertaking, and open eyed meditation often proved even more of a challenge. My teacher, Paul, would encourage us to accept; accept whatever comes up, accept, accept, accept. I didn’t get it, until this moment, and I wanted to share it:

Acceptance started at the feet of the ocean. Watching the orange ball of sun literally disappear around the earth, rotation. The stars, endless stars, light reaching you from stars that died years ago. Waves rolling in, force of the universe, black banners storming in. So small. Millions of years, millions of stars, millions of miles, millions of gallons unfurling in a cosmic concert. One band you have to see in person. My listening will never be the same. Like once I learned the tune I could stop trying so hard to sing. Waves melody could take me away and I could roll out, unfurling with the harmony of eternity. We are not separate from this. A profound clarity on death. We do not go up or down or under. We just expand and e x p a n d. All this practice, this creation and intimacy with space is part of the ultimate expansion. Maybe we are the universes stars, our light shining on them years after we’ve died. Onward, outward, endlessly, forever.

stars 20,000 light years away, photo from

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Kimberly Sheridan recently completed a 12 month Yoga teacher training mentorship, is certified in Reiki Level 1, and soon to be certified in Thai Yoga Massage. She has a background in personal training and martial arts. Kimberly is also an illustrator and painter.

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