Diary of a yoga teacher trainee #1: Home Practice

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I’m Kimberly, and I’ll be blogging about my experiences while¬† in a yoga teacher training program, and also providing the quote of the day! I’ve been doing training via mentorship with my teacher, Paul, along with 6 other amazing people. Starting off initially felt intimidating. Exciting of course, but also a bit scary. I felt that yoga was vast, and I, very much a beginner. I decided on a 9-12 month mentorship, instead of a 200 hour condensed training. The experience has been transformative to say the least, and as Paul said, “The transformation IS the education.” Which brings me to talking about personal experience. There are hundreds of amazing resources about yoga out there, and so many great classes to attend. But just as importantly, I learned, is a home practice. It was easier to be diligent about attending classes and following the given intelligent sequence. More challenging was knowing where to begin at home, how to sequence a practice for yourself, and adhering to actually practicing. Once beginning to do so, the value became immediately obvious. Questions about poses started to appear. Realizations about what I avoid and why. Starting to become attuned with the body and realizing what is actually needed on that day. It is much easier to teach from experience as well. When you know what it feels like to move from one pose to another, you start to realize what transitions don’t work very well and which ones do. You start to formulate your own language, and not just iterate a sequence. There are a lot of helpful materials that I will be suggesting on this blog, but in the spirit of self-study I wanted to start with the most consistent, useful, and brilliant tool you have: yourself.

“Sometimes we do a thing in order to find out the reason for it. Sometimes our actions are questions, not answers.” – John Le Carre


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About Kimberly Sheridan

Kimberly Sheridan recently completed a 12 month Yoga teacher training mentorship, is certified in Reiki Level 1, and soon to be certified in Thai Yoga Massage. She has a background in personal training and martial arts. Kimberly is also an illustrator and painter.


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    couldnt agree more. in fact my teacher at the Iyengar center actually said that without home practice, it is really difficult to progress. I have been trying to maintain a weekly practice schedule at home for myself and some friends!

    • ksheridan


      that's great! friends make it easier - it's great to be committed together!

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    Yoga play an important role in our life it refreshes our mind and body.

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