Completing One Full Month of Weekly Friday Jummah Yoga

I had earlier written about kicking off Yoga after Jummah ( Muslim Congregation Prayer) at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center. Today marked the completion of the first month in which we have had 5 weekly friday post prayer practices and people have stayed back for each class and some for almost all classes.

Thanks all for coming and sharing your practice with me. And lest you may wonder, Yoga transcends any specific religious belief system (yes, it sure has its roots in vedic scriptures and in hinduism, but its goal is essentially to help one attain inner self-awareness and hopefully a glimpse of the divine in us). In countries like India, Muslims have partaken in Yoga for centuries, though perhaps not universally within the community. In fact, the greatest teacher of all, TKV Krishnamcharya was sent to teach yoga to the Ruler of Hyderabad, a Muslim at the behest of the King of Mysore. He adapted the practice to include sufi elements and the royal family of hyderabad became regular practitioners of yoga.

So see you all for practice every friday!

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