A magical evening to Celebrate Yoga Stops Traffic+Holi at Makara Studio

Getting ready for Holi on the Yoga Stops Traffick Day At Makara Studio

We had a magical evening yesterday, March 10th at Makara Studio One of those evenings where everything is blessed with divine energy. An evening marked by doing sun salutations (yes both Kim and myself, representing the YogaAnywhere duo, completed 108 salutations) as part of Odanadis’ YogaStopsTraffic initiative and then celebrating Holi, the festival of colors that is celebrated all across India. But it was more than just doing – it was being, celebrating, sharing, chatting, imbibing, chanting (a bit), cooking and eating. Yes, thanks to Makara Co-founder, Hannah, we had a delicious meal of rice and matar paneer (indian cheese which she made herself).

On the way to 108 sun salutations to mark YogaStopsTraffick initiative of Odanadi

Now isnt that Colorful. Celebrating Holi with traditional colors.

Yes. I am enjoying the Holi Colors !

The home made Paneer was delicious - mixed with pea/tomato curry and savored with rice

Ofcourse, throwing colors on each other and making colorful hearts (thanks Kim – see pic above and below) was awesome too. And the other big surprise was the Harmonium (a musical instrument like the accordion) which arrived from India. Its sounds filled the space with the soul-stirring vibrations. All the donations raised will be sent to Odanadi to support their Stop human trafficking efforts.

Enjoy some pics!

Yoga, food, wafts of music and good conversations

The Harmonium that just arrived from India added to the festivities

Watching a Video of Odanadi Kids in Mysore.

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    Great place, great people, great food, great reason! So much fun & love!

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