Kicking off the First Yoga for Foodies Initiative at Makara Studio

Awesome pizza await after some even more awesome Yoga

We are super excited to kick off with the first “Yoga for foodies” initiative. The basic idea is simple – we go out every friday evening to do some yoga to burn off all the toxins accumulated from the week and to relieve the stress and give the body some much needed stretching (so you can be ready for a big weekend). And after a good class of yoga, to treat ourselves to a hearty dinner and chat with friends in a local restaurant.

This initiative, like our Studio Initiative, and pretty much anything we are doing, is part of our mission to get a million people to do Yoga in the next 5 yrs.

And we kick-off the inaugural “Yoga for foodies” event with our awesome partners at Makara Studio. The plan for the evening

1. Get to Makara Studio by 6.45 pm at Take L train to Montrose Ave – the Studio is 164 Montrose Ave on Graham Ave. You can also take the J or M train to Lorimer Stop and then walk west. Check out the beautiful walls and floor – you will not want to stop once you start holding your poses here.

Makara Studio with its awesome walls, lights and floor

2. We will do yoga till 8 or 8.15 pm (Note: we get a special $10 price for the class – regular rate is $13. Thanks to Makara)

3. And then head to a great local restaurant – there is a great pizza place nearby. They dont accept reservations so we will just walk and see how things are. If we have to wait, even better as it gives people time to meet each other and converse.

So are you excited – we are very excited. We will be doing this every week – visiting great Yoga studios in New York City and then checking out awesome local restaurants. Stay tuned for more updates.

And Feel free to bring your philosophy/travel/spirituality if you want to discuss any of these things. If any one of you is thinking of going to India then feel free to ask as many questions – we can even hook you up for a retreat happening in late Feb

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