Yoga for Foodies: Yoga and Food Meetup in Brooklyn and Manhattan

The spread at our Yoga for Foodies on March 23rd at Makara Studio. Mole, rice, beans, tacos, guacamole, pasta salad, and peanut butter balls! Simply heavenly

About  Yoga For Foodies Fridays

Yoga for Foodies is a unique and fun way to unwind on a Friday evening and rejuvenate your body and mind through awesome Yoga and delicious food in the company of other like minded people. Organized every friday evening in New York City, Yoga for Foodies includes 60-75 mins of Yoga class at a participating studio that includes several poses to wash to relieve the stress and give the body some much needed stretching and to whet your appetite. And after class comes the other good part – delicious food from a local restaurant or a meal cooked by the studio instructors/students.

So come join us for an evening that will leave both your soul and palate contented. You now have another reason to say, TGIF!

Update: Starting July 2012, we have received generous support from, a leading food video cooking website that has agreed to sponsor the food.

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Details of Upcoming Yoga for Foodies 

7pm, Sat Oct 20th  Iyengar Yoga Institute, Chelsea  (150 West 22nd street, 11th floor) 

Note: this will not be a regular event but we are sponsoring the food at the Institute’s Community Night. You can take the 5-6.30pm yoga class before and then join for food which is being provided by the Bukhara Grill of NYC.
7pm, Fri Nov 2nd at Makara Studio, Brooklyn
7p, Fri, Nov 16th at Swanand Yoga Studio, Chelsea

Participating Yoga Studios in New York City

Yoga for foodies started with support and partnership with Makara Studio, Brooklyn with the first event organized on feb 3rd, 2012. And it has grown to include a partner studio in Chelsea, Swanand Yoga studio

1. Makara Studio, Brooklyn – 164 Montrose Ave (just off Graham Avenue. Take L Train to Montrose Stop )

2. Swanand Yoga Studio, Manhattan – 171 West 29th street, 3rd floor

3.  Other Studios coming next (contact us to add your studio)


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Past Events and Pictures 

  1. Oct 5th, at Makara Studio with food at Robertos’ pizza!
  2. Aug 3, at Makara Studio
  3. July 6 at Makara Studio – We will be having vegetarian sushi and soba noodles. Food to be sponsored by
  4. June 21 at  Swanand Yoga Studio
  5. June 8 at Makara Studio. We will be doing a veggie BBQ
  6. May 18th at a Soho Loft
  7. May 11th at Swanand Yoga Studio – Pizza from Waldys
  8. May 4th at Makara Studio – home-cooked salad week
  9. April 27th at Swanand Studio – Indian Street food.
  10. April 20th at Swananda Studio with home cooked Mexican
  11. April 13th at Makara Studio with Pizza from Forcella and Swananda Studio with food from Madras Mahal
  12. April 6th at Swananda Studio –  Good Friday Foodies with indian Chinese Food from Chinese Mirch
  13. March 30th at Swananda Studio, with Pizza from Waldys
  14. March 23rd, 2012 – at Makara Studio with Delicious Home-cooked Mexican Food
  15. March 16th, 2012 – Yoga for Foodies begins in Manhattan at Swanand Yoga Studio
  16. March 10th at Makara Studio – special edition to celebrate YogaStops Traffick and Holi
  17. March 2, 2012 at Makara Studio with food at New Town
  18. Feb 24th, 2012 at Makara Studio, pizza from Roberta’s Pizza
  19. Feb 17th, 2012 at Makara Studio, followed by dinner at Haab Mexican
  20. Feb 10th, 2012 at Makara Studio, followed by Dinner at New Town
  21. Feb 3rd, 2012 - First Yoga for foodies at Makara Studio, dinner at New Town
Mexican food extravaganza at Makara Studio Brooklyn

Muchos Conversacions and Mucho Gusto Food. Yoga Foodies goes Mexican at Makara Studio

Yoga for Foodies at Swanand Yoga Studio in Chelsea

Yoga and Food at Swanand Yoga Studio Yoga for foodies

Enjoying delicious Pizza from Waldys - Yoga for Foodies at Swanand Yoga Studio


Pizza Margharita, Pizza with Pineapple and Pepporoni Pizza. Robertas Pizza Delight!

Yoga, Food and Chit Chat - the ongoing conversation at Newtown


1. Wow this is so awesome. Do i need to RSVP to attend?

We would really appreciate if you can RSVP for the events. But you are welcome to drop in as well. Bring friends!

2. What kind of food or restaurants you include?

Our goal is to promote local restaurants that one of us has personally eaten at and can vouch for the food. Yes we are foodies – we keep checking out local places. And in some foodies we get home cooked food from the studio owners who are really mucho good cooks.

3. Can i come just for the yoga as i may have other dinner plans?

Sure. come for yoga – rev up an appetite and head off to your dinner plans

4. Wait, i love this but i am a little new to yoga. Can i just join for the yummy food?

Of course! All foodies are welcome.

5. Folks, i am really excited. Do you guys do anything afterwards as well

You mean, go out and party? Yes, we do – after the yoga and the food is done, we are known to chill out in the studio, chat, sometimes walk across the street to a local bar (Duck Duck across Makara, 230 fifth a few blocks from Swanand Yoga) and party. Come with your plans, take us all

6. How can i get this started at my studio or a studio near me?

We would love to. Just shoot at as email

We hope to see you soon at a Yoga for Foodies Friday.

7. How can i contact you for more information

Just shoot us an email at or call us at 347-707-3453

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  • Monica


    I have been to several of these events and they are always great. The yoga is a perfect way to end the week and the food is always delicious!

  • gshai


    i love yoga for foodies - great yoga, food and like minded people.

  • smaskey


    i love this event. Thanks so much for doing this. I have been to a couple and have enjoyed winding down my week with yoga and great food. Hope to make to one soon again

  • ksheridan


    Such a great idea! Would come every week if I could! Good people good food :)

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