Yoga for Foodies – back to Newtown this Fri, March 2, 2012

Hummus , Soup, Falafel and more at the NewTown, Yoga for Foodies. March 2, 2012

Folks, we had an awesome Yoga for Foodies Pizza Party celebration last friday. The class was awesome. The Pizza from Robertas was awesome and so was the salad and chocolate dipped apricots made by the studio instructor.

Now this friday, March 2, 2012 (woo -hoo spring is almost here) we will be eating out at our local favorite, NewTown, which makes some of the best hummus, falafel and humouli sandwiches!

As before the schedule and details remain the same.

So the plan for the evening

1. Get to Makara Studio by 6.45 pm. Note: the class starts at 7 pm but we recommend getting there by 6.45 so you have some time to prepare/change.

1. Take the L train to Montrose Ave. The Studio is on 164 Montrose Ave (cross street- Graham Ave).
2. You can also take the J or M train to the Lorimer Stop and then walk west.

2. We will do yoga till 8.15 pm (Note: the class is priced at $13). As per the instructor, Hannah “the class is to make you hungry. Mas y mas salutations, twisting, everything that gets your digestion…” So expect to work yourself out in this. It will have a sequence of several sun salutations, some basic poses and is vigorous. And if you are new or have any questions or injuries, please feel free to discuss with the instructor.

3. After class, we will head to NewTown on Waterbury Street. Its a short 10 min walk and as i said before, the food is incredible.

See you all – bring friends. Come one, come all. Yoga, food, and friends – what else can you ask for on a friday evening!

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