Packed Studio and Awesome Food at our First Yoga for Foodies Meetup – Thank you all

We are really excited with the enthusiasm and support for our Yoga for Foodies initiative this friday at the Makara Studio. The studio was almost full to capacity by 7pm and we kicked off with a great class with the Makara studio founder, Hannah, to get the digestive juices flowing (once, again a big shout out to the studio for supporting this initiative).

Makara Studio - illuminating the world and the self. By 7pm the place was humming with Yogi Foodies


And after a 75 minute class, the appetite was primed up for some local williamsburg food. And since we were a fairly large group, we finally ended up at NewTown – an awesome vegan hummus and pita place (it was formerly called Yummus Hummus). The place has a cozy feeling and just the warmth and aroma we needed for the voracious appetite kicked in by the class. If you have never been to Newtown, then you must if you want to expand your experience of simply yet delicious hummus, pita, falalfel and middle eastern sandwiches.

We ordered

Yoga, Food and Chit Chat - the ongoing conversation at Newtown

  • A plate of each of their different styles of hummus, such as the hummus with falafel (which is baked, not fried). They give loads of awesome pita bread with each plate. And the hummus comes served in black stone plates – so cool. And the hummus is served with a green mint chutney – i think its called souk
  • We ordered like half a dozen humuoli sandwiches which is a must have at this place – humuoli is a grilled goat cheese and the sandwich has mushroooms, eggplant, some other super delish ingredients served in a fluffy bread.
  • The black bean burger is delish and heavenly and not at all greasy or heavy
  • The swedish almond cake had just the perfect sweetness and lightness and crustiness to end a great meal

And the hostess/server/chefs were super friendly and patient (we were a big group and hungry )

The Hummus comes with three different types of chutneys/pastes - the green mint one is delish

The black bean burger is OMG!!!

A ¬†great yoga class, good food, and some good conversations – that is what defines our ‘Yoga for Foodies’ experience. Now on to the next one on Feb 10th – again at Makara Studio followed by food at another great local williamsburg joint. Stay tuned for more details


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