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Folks coming for Regular Practice as part of Yoga@Work

We are super excited that today marked the completion of 4 full weeks (Mon-Fri) of Yoga Practice at our department in Columbia University Medical Center. When we started four weeks ago, it was just a thought and an idea that we just went ahead with. I was not even sure if we will even get people interested. But right from the first day we have had sustained interest and some folks coming almost every day. Some folks were totally new to yoga but have stayed on and made it a daily lunch activity.

Experiencing relaxation in Savaasana. Yoga@Work.

For the last one week we have been following the pose sequence and schedule described in Geeta Iyengar’s handbook of practice for the beginners. Highly recommended – the course is designed to introduce people to Yoga and guide them through 39-40 poses over the course of a year.

Thanks all for supporting the initiative and for coming for regular practice. As we talk often in class – “this practice is for you. For your own self-discovery of mind and body and the interplay between the two. There is no destination to reach or expectation. The journey of the practice is the joy and reward of doing the poses and with each practice, leaving a tiny bit of residue of it in our minds and body.”

Keep coming. Lets keep practicing and evolving on this journey. And invite colleagues!

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