Yoga @ Work – Begins with Two Classes at Medical Center

We are very excited to announce that YogaAnywhere today started its Yoga@Work initiative. Yes, at the Medical Center where our founder works. The basic idea is pretty simple – do some yoga over the lunch break. Stretch with a few basic poses, get the blood flowing, get the breath moving and the body kicking! An opportunity for the mind to get time to go inward and get some “self awareness time” from all he the hectic emails, interruptions, conversations and demands of work. Specially at our work place where pretty much the entire office is on their computer all day long (and some, all night long as well)

The daily practice starts at 12.45 pm and goes on till 1.15-1.30 pm depending on how much time folks have. We started with our first class on Monday afternoon (Jan 23rd) and guess what 3 people showed up! And today there were 6 – call that growth!  And 3 more came saying they would love to join from tomorrow. We couldn’t be happier.

 And incase this helps those who want to Here is the list of poses we did
  1. Mountain pose (Tada Asana)- really emphasizing how the iyengar style makes you focus on alignment, create awareness of the need to be balanced through the poses
  2. Extended Arms Pose (Utthita Hasta Padasana )
  3. Triangle pose (Trikona Asana)  - the key in the pose being to make sure that folks remember to press their heel, including the heel of the back foot and to keep both sides of the torso as parallel as possible.
  4. Tree pose (Vriksh Asana)
  5. Uthana Asana
  6. Warrior Two (Virbhadra Asana)
  7. Extended Side Angle Pose Downard dog
  8. Downward Dog
  9. Ending with Shava -Asana

And that is it. We ended with chanting ‘OM’ three times. Its purely awesome and exciting to see the enthusiasm in my colleagues to do yoga. Lets go! Lets “occupy our mind and soul” – every day, even when at work through Yoga@ work

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