The Open House of the Makara Studio Launch

Enthusiasm and energy galore at the open house

It is incredible to see how in just a matter of 8-10 weeks, a vision becomes a reality through sweat, dedication and continued perseverance. It was around late October, that we first came to know about the effort to start Makara Studio where once stood a barber Shop (see image below – thats what Google Maps shows if you search for 164 Montrose Ave, New York). And we feel privileged to have helped in whatever small way with the studio (sticking broken glass pieces to give the toilet an artistic ceiling) and with sponsoring the reclaimed wooden floor (which feels awesome and makes one want to remain forever glued to it – whether in Tada Asana or a head stand). Since the first day of the kirtan planned on Oct 28th (to celebrate the lease on the space and Diwali), to witness the day and night labor put by the Founders and their friends, we have been witness to a great transformation. And minor hiccups aside, like a snow storm upstate, that delayed the work on the floor, today, we are here, excited to have just been blessed to see all the support for the studio on its open house to celebrate the launch of the studio.

Yes, we even occupied the pavement

Dozens of people streamed in. Every one that we spoke to loved the walls, loved the though behind the design and aesthetic sensibilities that manifest themselves all over the space. The tiled entrance, with the special moroccan tile suggesting a warm welcome, the turquoise walls with the texture that reminds one of the walls in India. The beautiful vintage looking wall paper-like feel of the back  walls. The art work surrounding the lights, the paper cranes at the front of the studio, the glass work on the toilet ceiling. Even the way the shelves have been created and placed over the radiator.

Enthusiasm and energy galore at the open house

The light installation is super cool - crystals hanging from the ceiling with cut-outs from the chinese news papers

The frame on the windows resemble the frames in many indian windows

Come get some pilates!

The studio will be supporting local businesses – they have awesome cookies and jewellery and as time goes will have other businesses feature their products in the studio.

Promoting Local Businesses at Makara Studio and yes Natural Rubber Yoga Mats too.

It was really exciting to be at the open house. So much potential abounds in the space. We were discussing how the space can be used to bring the community together – by not just offering awesome yoga, pilates and belly dancing – but also fostering interactions and connections that nourish people and communities.

Go Makara – Will be writing about the full day of classes that begin on Sat, Jan 21

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