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Just got this from the Folks at Makara Studio – they sent this out after full one week of classes. Love their thought behind the studio and the phrase “Studio with a Conscience” – Woo hoo! Well said. Yes, explore your conscious mind through Yoga and become more conscientious.

I was at the Open House of the studio and its first yoga class – i must say the place has a vibe and energy that give solace to the heart and mind. And the colors and aesthetic bring an element of India right in the space.

If you have not been to the Studio yet, then check it out. Through our partnership with Makara, you can try one of the donation classes or join our “Yoga for Foodies” meetups which will include Makara in its weekly programs

Here is the official press release

For the last two months, the space at 164 Montrose Ave in East Williamsburg has undergone significant

At the start of November 2011, the lease was signed and the renovation was underway. But Makara Studio
didn’t begin in November in Brooklyn, it was actually an idea conceptualized the previous April at the Mysore Mandala Chai House in Mysore, India where co-founders Jonathan Borin and Hannah Harpole met.

“It was a complete chance encounter. Until we both sat down behind the Mysore Mandala Chai House where a
man named Kumar runs a sweet open air café, we had not seen each other at all.”

Though both based in Brooklyn, NY, Hannah and Jonathan had to travel halfway around the world to meet and
bring Makara to fruition. Classes in Yoga (in the Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Prana Vashya traditions), Pilates (mat, group tower, and private tower), and Tribal Belly Dance are offered various times throughout the week to accommodate all schedules.

This beautiful studio evokes memories of India, incorporating bright colors and textures. Each part of Makara, from the building materials to class mats have been carefully considered for their impact on the environment, both ecological and social. All renovations used ecologically friendly materials (low-VOC paint, linseed oil to treat the floor). Many volunteered their time and skills to the renovation, including Malcolm Rowe who wears two hats as both a carpenter and a yoga teacher and will be teaching a Yoga Basics class.

Makara seeks to be part of a larger community. Partnerships with organizations such as Yoga Anywhere
(—who made possible the lovely reclaimed wood floor—and Odanadi, a home for
trafficked women and men in Mysore, India ( are evidence of that commitment. Yoga Stop Traffick, the Monday-Friday 5:00pm class donates $1 per student to sustaining the permaculture garden at Odanadi.

Additionally, local products such as vegan/gluten free cookies and organic body products are also available for purchase, with $1 of sales going to support Odanadi as well.

Makara Studio
164 Montrose Ave (at Graham Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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