Whitwell’s Quote of the Day for Yogis: 6/30

Nature does not work in models. Only one offs. There is no one remotely like you on earth. Yet there is “One.” The absolute condition of reality does not imply a diminishment of individuality at all. You are an individual playing in the One indivisible reality itself. How delightful. Your Yoga gives you both actualization of your unique intelligence, beauty and function of your individuation as well as your inherent intimacy with Reality itself. You are a flower blooming in your own garden. – Mark Whitwell

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Kimberly Sheridan recently completed a 12 month Yoga teacher training mentorship, is certified in Reiki Level 1, and soon to be certified in Thai Yoga Massage. She has a background in personal training and martial arts. Kimberly is also an illustrator and painter.

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