Celebrate Touchdown with Headstands @ Superbowl

Headstand to celebrate the Giants Super Bowl Win

Update: Yes thats a head stand after the Giant score a touch down in the last few minutes and won the Super Bowl

An enthusiastic shout out to all Yogis all over who will be glued with millions of others for the Super Bowl game starting in a few hours. Whether you are a patriots sucker or a (go) Giants fans (we are trying to be be balanced and neutral!), celebrate the game with headstands or your favorite pose with each touch down. Yea – go beyond the usual – get the yogi you to manifest the divine energy and enthusiasm by striking a pose. If people can do it in bars (the rumour being that this is the new standard to test if you are really wasted or not), on mountain tops, atop rocks being splashed by giant waves, on volcanic lava rock pools, in studios, on beaches, then why not during a super bowl game. Get some inspiration from the dude below! Ha ha

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